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Shutdown or Reset: What Will Inoculate the VA Hospital Project Against Scope Creep?

About a week ago, I began this case study on scope creep. But the developments in this case are moving faster than I expected. On December 9, 2014, much to my surprise, news reports announced a third-party U.S. Civilian Board … Continue reading

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Rein in Scope Creep and Create a Successful Project

Scope creep: when leaders allow uncontrolled changes, add-ons, and embellishments in a project’s goals, deliverables, features, and/or requirements. When did I first learn the dangers of scope creep? It was in a project where scope creep was all but eliminated—in … Continue reading

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Can Leaders Structure Decisions to Avoid Shakespeare’s Irrevocable Choices?

Chuck Wilcox, a Shakespearean actor and teacher for over 40 years, helps us understand how William Shakespeare’s plays shed light on fatal leader blind spots. Watch his video to understand what is Chuck saying about Shakespeare’s tragic leaders. Irrevocable decisions … Continue reading

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