Organize Your Leader Development: Capture Your Strategic Talent

If you want some serious insights into leader development, this article is for you.

Authorities Beverly A. Dugan and Patrick Gavan O’Shea, both of Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), explain:

  1. The connection between development design and a company mission and strategy.
  2. How this link can clarify goals and competencies.
  3. Enhancing leader learning with special assignments, projects and other experiences.
  4. What to think about when you want to choose the people to develop.
  5. How to conduct meaningful evaluations of leader development programs.

Click on the link below see the article.

Click to access SHRM-SIOP_Leader_Development.pdf



About Gene Morton

OD Consultant and Author of the two-time award winning book, Leaders First: Six Bold Steps to Sustain Breakthroughs in Construction. See excerpts at Leader development and team development through coaching, consulting, and presenting on topics related to the structure of leadership in groups and organizations. Through his years of experience implementing mergers, reorganization, culture change, and organization transformation, Gene learned how an effective structure of leadership compensates for, and balances, leader blind spots, improving performance overall, and making innovation and change possible. He enjoys working in the construction industry, heath care, governmental, as well as the non-profit world.
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