What if 100000 Dedicated Readers Saw Your Book’s Message?

Is it possible business book summaries offer a new avenue for making your book’s content available to your target audience? In a word – YES! After I discovered EBSCO, it opened up an entirely new method to get my content in front of leaders and librarians worldwide.

EBSCO Readers are worldwide

What is EBSCO Business Book Summaries (BBS)?

At a recent drop-in meeting for professional organization development consultants, my friend Judy Cole shared her experience as a corporate subscriber to EBSCO BBS. It shook my world.

Every month Judy, one of 100,000 time-starved executive, professional, and leader subscribers, has access to 4-8 page book summaries written by EBSCO’s professional writers. Subscribers like her use EBSCO BBS to keep up with their reading. Their jobs depend on it. These summaries profile books from respected traditional publishers such as Random House, Simon and Schuster, and Harvard Business Review Press, as well as many smaller independent publishers. They include print, e, and audio book formats.

Here’s How EBSCO Business Book Summaries Work

Each month Judy reviews the latest EBSCO list of just released book summaries. She scans the list, sees one that looks interesting, and orders a summary with her company’s subscription. In less than 15 minutes, she has a paper print out or has downloaded to read the summary on her phone. If Judy is intrigued by the summary, she orders the book in her preferred format—print, e, or audio—through Amazon or the author’s website.


Ever done any library research? If so, you used their service, even if you never heard of them. Libraries subscribe to their reference databases so you can research the business, scientific, and technical journals and periodicals related to your topic.

EBSCO is a privately owned publisher with about 300 sales staff worldwide. Does this mean a professionally written summary of my book content could be available to 100,000 subscribers WORLDWIDE? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Who EBSCO Serves

EBSCO provides content to companies, governments and institutions all over the world, including colleges and universities, public libraries, medical and health libraries and K-12 schools.

How I Contacted EBSCO

I found EBSCO Business Book Services, PUBLISHERS & PARTNERS, (http://preview.tinyurl.com/nc7bgna) in my Google search. Note: For your convenience, the hyperlinks are active in the e-versions of this article.

Here is an outline of my experience in submitting my book to EBSCO:

  1. I sent a request to EBSCO to consider my book for their summary.
  2. They asked for a review copy.
  3. EBSCO reviewed my book, and in a few weeks let me know they had accepted it.
  4. I received their licensing agreement. My intellectual property attorney reviewed it and explained my rights and what to expect.
  5. Based on their schedule, EBSCO will write a summary of my book. They will send me a copy to check for accuracy. Next, they will send the summary to their worldwide subscribers using a proprietary mailing list. For me to create such a list could take centuries—well, if not centuries, at least 10 years—and by then, all the email addresses would have changed.

I cannot wait to see how much interest this will generate about my book.

Take a peek at what they are summarizing; see Leaders First: Six Bold Steps to Sustain Breakthroughs in Construction at www.GeneMorton.com, or www.Amazon.com.

Your Comments Are Invited

What about this idea of book summaries as a channel for your business book? Have you ever had experience with one of the book summary services? What lessons would you pass along to other authors who might be thinking of this as a channel?

Fiction authors: have you found any book summaries that fit your genre? Leave comments below; let’s start the conversation!

About Gene Morton

OD Consultant and Author of the two-time award winning book, Leaders First: Six Bold Steps to Sustain Breakthroughs in Construction. See excerpts at www.genemorton.com. Leader development and team development through coaching, consulting, and presenting on topics related to the structure of leadership in groups and organizations. Through his years of experience implementing mergers, reorganization, culture change, and organization transformation, Gene learned how an effective structure of leadership compensates for, and balances, leader blind spots, improving performance overall, and making innovation and change possible. He enjoys working in the construction industry, heath care, governmental, as well as the non-profit world.
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  1. bobvanourek says:

    Thanks, gene. Most interesting.


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